Best Uses of FIBC Bags

FIBC bags are specially designed bags for the transportation or shipping of dry, flowable products. The cycles of demand and supply continue to make the world economy go around. The logistics involved in the manufacture and distribution of a product make up the so-called supply chain. When the finished product goes through numerous stages in the supply chain, the normal tear and wear may destroy it. That being said, special care is necessary while transporting the product so that your end product stays safe during transportation.

The FIBC bags have stood the test of time in providing a safe method of bulk transportation. So, if you intend to transport bulk items, here are best uses of FIBCs for bulk transportation.

Transporting food grade products:
The FIBCs bags are popular for packaging food products. Dry able, powdered, and granular food items can be packed in these bags and transported in bulk.
Transportation of building/construction materials:
The transportation of construction materials such as gravel, cement, soil, and other related products is a tough task. Using the right FIBCs can ease the difficulties and eliminate the challenges associated with packaging and transportation of these materials.
Transportation of minerals and powdered metals:
carbon black is some of the minerals that can be transported using the FIBCs. transportation of powdered or granular metals and minerals require durable FIBCs specially designed to handle such items.

Transportation of agricultural products:
Agricultural products such as fertilizers, animal feeds (dry able), and other related products can be packed in the FIBCs and transported in bulk. Depending on nature and transportation standards for the agricultural products you intend to pack in these bags. The FIBCs feature a sturdy construction that maintains its shape during transportation and safe warehouse space too.

Wood and paper transportation:
FIBCs to be effective in transporting wood and paper. However, chopped wood product, wood pellets, and other related wood products can be safely packed in FIBCs and transported safely!

Transporting fine powders:
FIBCs with sift proof seams work well for a variety of powdered products. However, if the sift proofing isn’t enough to hold the fine powder, then, a polyethylene liner is a great solution.
Transporting chemicals:
FIBCs with perfect sift proof seams, and efficient liners can be used to transport powdered or granular chemicals in bulk. These bags empty with a minimum of air contamination and save storage space as they are collapsible. Besides, they are made of durable, tough industrial materials to ensure safe storage and transportation of chemicals.


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