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Why FIBC bags are safe for material storage & transport

When you load and transport large amounts of stone, gravel, soil, debris and other various construction materials, it’s important that the bulk container is very durable and extremely safe to use. When used properly, FIBCs are an extremely safe way to transport and store construction materials. FIBCs are manufactured using woven polypropylene creating an incredibly strong and flexible bulk container perfect for most construction applications.

Here is one story that why FIBC bags are safe for your material storage & transport.

One day Truck was going for material shipment with fibc bag.

Suddenly the track falls into the drain water from the road side.

The truck was fully damage and FIBC bags are also fall into the drain water 

From this heavy accident truck is fully damage but the material and the FIBC bags are completely safe.We take out the fibc bag from the drain water with help of hydra.

And load that bags in to other truck for shipment.

Using Big Bags for Flood Control

Traditionally, stacking 40-to 60-pound sandbags has been the preferred method for emergency flood control due to their wide availability and the ease-of-use, but using big bags are now a recognized method of controlling flooding and some emergency flooding businesses are now using bulk bags exclusively for flood prevention, controlling flood waters, and even building temporary dams. FIBC Silvassa flood control bags.

Coated bags are made with 100% polypropylene offering the same light, yet extremely strong tear resistant security that traditional sandbags offer, but allow emergency crews to use one bag in place of dozens of traditional sandbags. FIBCs used for flood control also have a coating which is a water resistant, and UV protection (much like traditional sandbags) that helps protect the bag from breaking down when exposed to ultraviolet rays such as sunlight. FIBC Silvassa big bags used for flood control/prevention are typically filled with sand, much like traditional sandbags,…

FIBC Silvassa- Helicopter Lifting Bags

FIBC Silvassa- Helicopter Lifting BagsSpecially designed for Helicopter lifting operations. Widely used across world by Helicopter companies, civil engineers & the National Trusts.
Heavy duty for multiple trips Extra long lifting loops for single point lift & aerodynamic flight Made to order special sizes to lift awkward shapes Optional reinforced linersStandard size 100x100x100cm 1500kgs SWL 6:1 Safety Factor Complies to world standards Safety instruction and labels. Operator guidelines for safe useAlso available in Black/white to blend with natural surroundings & for easy identification in snow/dessert.

FIBC Silvassa provides a safe, heavy duty solution for helicopter lifting operations. All of our helicopter lifting bags are tested to ensure quality and safety in use. Our helicopter bags are ideal for the safe and easy lifting of heavy granular materials. FIBC Silvassa bags can also be made to order for more awkward shapes and materials. Helicopter bags comply with Eur…

Safety Work Load & Safety Factor of FIBCs

FIBC are designed for a specific Safety Work load (SWL). Common SWLs are 500kg, 1000kg, 1200kg, 1250kg, 1500kg or 2000kg. The SWL is determined by the customer. Often the Safety work load is chosen to achieve a maximal load weight on a truck. Depending on the size of the FIBC bag they often have a SWL of 1000 or 1250kg. A higher SWL results in stronger FIBC fabric used.

1. One -time used FIBC bags
Some woven polypropylene FIBC bags are manufactured for one-time use. These one-time use bags are rated at a 5:1 safety factor (SF) meaning that the FIBC bag did burst only after reaching five times its safety work load (SWL) in the test rig. A 1000kg FIBC bag did therefore burst on more than 5t load. A 2000kg FIBC bag bursts after 10t load in the test rig.

One-time FIBC bags cannot be “repaired”. It’s not allowed to reuse these FIBC bags.

2. Multi trip FIBC bags

UN FIBC bags Labeling & there identification

UN bags use a Special bag labeling system that allows the user to track the origin, materials, manufacturer, coating, and other important attributes of the individual UN bag. This labeling system is extremely important to safe handling, filling, and use of a UN bag.

Below is a detail of what the UN bag label looks and importance of each Label:
United Nations Packaging Logo.Code number designating FIBC design type.Capital letter identifying the performance standard under which the design type has been successfully tested.The numerical month and year of manufacture.Country authorizing allocation of the mark.The name and address or symbol of the manufacturer or the approval agency.The stacking test load in kg.Maximum gross mass. 

Hazardous Materials Labels Class 4.1, flammable solid. Self-adhesive Hazardous Materials Shipping Labels for shipments of Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods) in accordance with safety standards when shipping dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods labels class 4.2 -…

Benefit of Using Polyethylene Liners in FIBCs

FIBCs are re-usable, they are used multiple times to ship and store non-hazardous chemicals and food material. FIBCs offer indispensable in logistics industry owing to the cost-efficiency and convenience. To avoid such situations and to increase, the efficiency of FIBCs, manufacturers now used a layer of polyethylene liner in the FIBC. FIBC bag liners are now much in demand especially for transporting fine powdery material besides food and pharma-grade products.

Installing polyethylene liners for FIBC is to provide protection to the FIBC bag and to the products inside the bag. there are many other benefits of using FIBCs with liners:

Benefit of Using Polyethylene Liners in FIBCs Stop contamination as liners make FIBC bags almost impenetrableStop powdery substances from sifting through FIBCs. In FIBCs individual strands of polypropylene are woven together, and thus, powdery substances are likely to sift through the bag.Stop leaksStop dust and moisture from shipping into the bag.FIBC li…

Using FIBC Bags to Transport Malted Barley

FIBCs are proven to be effective for the logistics operations of malting industry. As the craft brew industry has seen exponential growth in the last ten year, a demand for specialty malted barley has increased exponentially causing malters are looking to FIBCs as a better way to transport specialty malted barley.

Here we discuss why malting industry is doing away with the use of traditional 25kg bags and relying so much on FIBC bags, FIBCs as an economic and efficient way to transporting and transporting their products.

FIBCs are Safe for Carrying Food – Food grade FIBCs are made from 100 % virgin polypropylene resin. FIBC bags adhere to hygiene standards set for the food industry by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Use of recycled materials is prohibited in the bags to prevent contamination of food.Helps in Brand Building & marketing – Jumbo bags can be custom printed with your logo and name on them for that they help malters do their own branding and marketing. Jumbo b…

Using FIBC Bags in Pet Food Industry

It’s very difficult to Storing and transporting food products such as pet food. If pet food product is food grade, you must increase regulations. Even if your product isn't food grade, you are constantly trying to prevent moisture exposure of your product. It’s not important that which method you choose to transport your pet food product, it's extremely important to select the option that: well organized the procedure and experience for your clientCreates the most profitable storage and shipping process for your businessBest suits your workAdvantages that FIBC Bags offer in the Pet food Industries:
When storing and transporting food product, it is very important that your product is safe from moisture, moisture is a huge enemy and can damage your product. Most bags can be conduct by a polyethylene liner to help keep your product safe from moisture. Although polyethylene liners not make the bag completely "waterproof", they do create a barrier between your product and …

EVOH Liner by FIBC-Silvassa

FIBC Silvassa- EVOH liner is a co-extruded liner suitable for products which require a leak and moisture proof FIBC.
EVOH liners are made of different layers in which different materials are mixed to make sure oxygen/other gases can't get inside the liner.
The liners are very suitable for the food industry and for products that may have a smell/flavor.
Sensitive products are very well packed in these kinds of liners, and our pioneered entering and R&D makes FIBC Silvassa to be the best in class manufacturer for these kinds of specialized packaging.

EVOH liner advantages-
Excellent barrier against oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium. FIBC Silvassa- EVOH extends the shelf life of food products and protects their nutrients against bacteria.Packaged products stay fresh all the way through the supply chain and even when stored for extended periods of time. FIBC Silvassa- EVOH reduces the need for preservatives or even avoids them entirely. The taste, scent, color and fres…

Using FIBC Bags for Flood Control

FIBC bags can be used for storing and transporting a variety of products and materials. Whether you are packing chemicals, food, minerals, resin, sand, or any other dry flow-able product, a FIBCs is most likely a great option. Not only are FIBCs great for transporting and storing dry flow-able products, they are also great for emergency water control and building temporary dams.

polypropylene sandbags are the most common method of damming off property is stacking but recently, a better way to protect against floods may have appear.

Using FIBC Bags for Flood Control
Traditionally, stacking 20-to 40 kg sandbags has been the better method for emergency flood control due to their wide availability and the ease-of-use, but using FIBC bag are now a identify method of controlling flooding and some emergency flooding businesses are now using FIBC bags exclusively for flood prevention, controlling flood waters, and even building temporary dams.

Coated bags are made with 100% polypropylene off…

Using FIBC Bags in Dairy Industry

Storing and transporting bulk powders can be difficult. Not only can they be untidy, but it is extremely important to make sure that they are not exposed to moisture. No matter what method you choose to use to transport your bulk powder, it's extremely important to select the option that:   Streamlines the procedure and experience for your customerCreates the most successful storage and shipping process for your businessBest suits your operation FIBC bags can help you create a better storage and shipping process for your business and streamline your customer's process and experience. below are the advantages that FIBC Bags offer in the dairy industry:

1. When storing and transporting powdered substances, it is very important that your product is safe from moisture. Powdered substances can be spoiled or ruined when they meet moisture. Most bags can be accompanied by a polyethylene liner to keep the product safe from moisture contamination.

2. FIBC bags for Diary Industry and m…

Filling & Discharging option In FIBCs

Filling Options
Flap Top
Flap Top FIBCs are ideal for quick filling applications. The flap top on this type of bag allows for quick fill making filling each bag easy and quick.

Skirt Top
Skirt Top FIBCs are another popular bag for quick filling applications. The bag opens and extrudes outwards to allow  quick filling. 

Filling Spout
Spout Top FIBCs are one of the most commonly used types of bags. Spout top bags are the standard for most filling equipment and are great for a very controlled filling.

Open Top
Open Top FIBCs are ideal for quick filling applications. Open Top bags are usually accompanied by a flat or spout bottom. Open top bags are commonly used for building materials, scrap products, and lawn and garden applications.

Conical Top 
A Conical bag is shaped as a cone at the top. These bags are especially suitable to pack tacky products which are not so free flowing.

Top Spout Leno 
Leno bags are ideal for packaging your potatoes, onions, carrots, sh…

High Performance FIBCs for mining sector

The mining industry at large has boom and bust cycles and with over 20 years’ experience supporting this industry; we have the ability to design bags to meet any handling condition. Our industry knowledge ensures you have the right bag to handle your product – from Aluminum to Zinc. FIBC SILVASSA supports mining in all of its facets. There is a wide range of choices, with many properties and We are pleased to help you in making the right choice.

What Makes Us Different? We have experience of over 20+ years building an unrivaled knowledge of bag that perfectly suits the industry.This experience has helped us to create tailor made solutions for mining operations all around the globe.Our designs have been trusted to move products from Aluminum to Zinc in quality packaging that preserves the value and integrity of the materials.Whether you’re just exploring new methods of packaging, or need someone who can improve your existing process, FIBC Silvassa is the right partner for the mining and…

Single Loop & Two Loop FIBC bag by FIBC-Silvassa

Single Loop & Two Loop FIBCs are commonly recognized and accepted as being the most cost-effective form of packaging based on a cost-to-weight transported ratio. Our 1- and 2-Loop FIBCs are capable of transporting loads between 500 kg and 2500 kg capacity.
Advantages:Best in handling with their qualitiesSingle and double loop big bags represent a special solution for handling and storage of materials with big bagsOne or more big bags can be lifted at the same time with a hook or with similar devices, which presents a significant advantage compared to standard four loop FIBC where usually a forklift is needed and only one big bag is handled simultaneously.These bags are cost-effectiveEasy to fill, discharge and storeEasily transportableUsage :

Single Loop & Two Loop FIBCs are Mostly used for packing fertilizer and in the chemical industry, but is also used for packing various types of grains, seeds, briquettes, pellets, cement and other materials.

Block Bottom Bag by FIBC-Silvassa

FIBC SILVASSA Block Bottom Bags are also known as AD*STAR Bags which are ideal for automated filling and packing cement and act as better substitute to the paper bags. The brick-shaped PP woven sacks are produced without adhesives by heat-welding of the coating on the fabric. You can use cement bags roughly as its quality is up to the mark. Our cement bags are highly in demand due to its quality and cost-effective nature, FIBC SILVASSA.

Advantages of Block Bottom Bag: Resistant to humid conditions.Recyclable and reusable.Can withstand rough and multiple handling. Ideal for export where multiple handling occurs to and from load port to discharging port and final destination.Excellent non fading printing enhancing the packaging look.Excellent non fading printing enhancing the packaging look.Economical.Strong sacks having almost zero burstage.Valve for easy filling.Cannot be tampered as is hermetically sealed

ventilated FIBC bag by FIBC-Silvassa

Ventilated bags are large and are made out of woven polypropylene. Widely used in storing and transporting dry products. The pure range of ventilated polypropylene woven fabrics also makes these fabrics meet the standards that permit required air flow through fabric into bag. Fibc-silvassa has extensive experience in successfully handling the requirements of Ventilated fabric in fabric FIBC.

Advantages: These Bags are specially designed to store food items like potatoes, onions, grains, nuts etc.These fabrics are specially designed to permit the required air flow through the fabric into the bag.Usage of FIBC Ventilated Bags have the common supply chain issues of handling, storing and transporting food items.Usage of Ventilated bag:
An industry where Ventilated bag are particularly useful is the agricultural industry. Certain produce needs to be stored with proper ventilation in many agricultural applications. Ventilated bags are perfect for these applications as they allow …

Drum Liner by FIBC-Silvassa

FIBC-Silvassa drum liner keeps your drums in ready to use condition at all times. It is popular over a broad range of industrial and manufacturing applications, either for dry or wet commodities.

FIBC-Silvassa drum liner can be custom made to suit your required packing capacity. The drum liners come with capacity range from 150 to 200 liters. It suits all kinds of drums and pails, such as those made of paper, fiber, metal, plastic and even the fully sealed drum.

Unlike other drum liners, FIBC-Silvassa drum liner is built with special 2″ spout with screw cap to guard your products against leakages and contamination. Drum liners made from special material such as oxygen barrier film is also available.
Each liner is quality assured, packed and checked by hand.They can be made to fit the drum precisely, have sufficient material to enable the liner to lip over the top of the vessel or long enough to be tied off.Acting as a barrier, they are widely used in varied industries for food, paint, …