History Of FIBC Bag

What Does FIBC Stand For?
FIBC stands for flexible intermediate bulk container, also known as bulk bags However, you may not be aware that there are also some specific requirements a bag must meet in order to be considered an FIBC. An FIBC cannot be handled manually when you fill it, and is made so you can lift it from the top with attached lift loops, straps or similar list-assist devices.
General FIBC History:

We don’t know exactly when FIBC bags originated, but it’s clear it happened in the late 1950s or early 1960s.There is some controversy as to where the first FIBCs were made; however, it is known that FIBCs were made in the United States, Europe, and Japan during the time period mentioned above. 
The first FIBC bags looked a little different. They were typically made from heavy-duty, PVC-coated nylon or polyester, and the cut sheets were welded together. The bags either contained lift swings, which were integrated into the container, or attached to a pallet. These bags were very ru…

Lined FIBCs, FIBC Liners, and Coated FIBCs

Lined FIBC Bags: 

Companies can purchase poly liners for FIBC bags and insert them into any FIBC. However, you can also purchase bags that come with liners already built into the woven polypropylene. The advantage to buying FIBC bags with liners installed is the many options you have. There are 4 main types of lined FIBCs that we outline in this article. Having these different options allows lined bags to be used with a greater variety of products and applications.
The largest disadvantage to using pre-lined bags is that the liners are usually either sewn into the seams of the bag or tabbed to the bag’s material and cannot be removed. This offers slightly less flexibility for re-use when compared to using removable poly liners.

Coated FIBC Bags:

A coated FIBC is constructed similarly to a standard FIBC however, before the bag is sewn together, an additional polypropylene film is added to the bag’s fabric sealing the small gaps in the poly weaves. This film can be added to the inside o…

Sandbag for Flood Control

Traditionally, stacking 40-to 60-pound sandbags has been the preferred method for emergency flood control due to their wide availability and the ease-of-use, but using big bags are now a recognized method of controlling flooding and some emergency flooding businesses are now using bulk bags exclusively for flood prevention, controlling flood waters, and even building temporary dams. FIBC Silvassa flood control bags.

Coated bags are made with 100% polypropylene offering the same light, yet extremely strong tear resistant security that traditional sandbags offer, but allow emergency crews to use one bag in place of dozens of traditional sandbags. FIBCs used for flood control also have a coating which is a water resistant, and UV protection (much like traditional sandbags) that helps protect the bag from breaking down when exposed to ultraviolet rays such as sunlight. FIBC Silvassa big bags used for flood control/prevention are typically filled with sand, much like traditional sandbags,…

FIBC bag for Mining Sector

The mining industry at large has boom and bust cycles and with over 20 years’ experience supporting this industry; we have the ability to design bags to meet any handling condition. Our industry knowledge ensures you have the right bag to handle your product – from Aluminum to Zinc. FIBC SILVASSA supports mining in all of its facets. There is a wide range of choices, with many properties and We are pleased to help you in making the right choice.

What Makes Us Different? We have experience of over 20+ years building an unrivaled knowledge of bag that perfectly suits the industry.This experience has helped us to create tailor made solutions for mining operations all around the globe.Our designs have been trusted to move products from Aluminum to Zinc in quality packaging that preserves the value and integrity of the materials.Whether you’re just exploring new methods of packaging, or need someone who can improve your existing process, FIBC Silvassa is the right partner for the mining and…

Type of FIBC Bags


Two-piece, U-Panel construction that has two seams sewn along the two opposite sides to create two panels, creating a “U” Panel shape. Accepted as the industry standard around the world, the U-Panel FIBC is the most popular FIBC shape. This construction gives the bag a largelifting capacity.


 It is the original polypropylene design, Four-Panel Bulk Bags (FIBCs) have seams along four separate pieces of fabric that are sewn together to construct the body of the bag as well as having the top and bottom panels sewn in. Four-Panel bags tend to hold their shape better than other types of bags and are better suited for stacking


A Circular or Tubular bag is woven into a cylinder or tube and cut to the correct size. The most common construction type is a circular fabric on the body with a sewn square base. As there are no seams in this construction, this creates for a more aesthetically pleasing bag, and with only a top and bottom panel sewn into…

FIBC Liner by Fibc-Silvassa

Recent times FIBC bags have become extremely popular. This is because of the fact of the Huge functionality of FIBC bags. The FIBC bags serve great purposes in storing and transportation of a number of items in bulk. Now the FIBC liners are used for increase protection of the items inside the FIBC bags, at the time of selecting the FIBC liners for the FIBC bags, the users should necessarily make sure to choose a trusted, reputed as well as a reliable manufacturer in order to get the best quality products.
Choosing Fibc-silvassa for the liners for FIBC bags would be a very good option. With a fantastic team and years of experience combined together make Fibc-silvassa the best choice in terms of manufacturers of liners for the FIBC bags. Thus, choosing a trusted manufacturer not only provides the users with the supreme quality product but also the correct price of the same.

Different Types of FIBC Liners

Aluminium Foil Liners:
Foil liners or aluminium foil lines provide UV protection, …

Safety Guideline while filling and emptying FIBC bag

FIBC bags are very useful for a number of industrial uses and are highly preferred by the users. There are a number of FIBC bag manufacturers in India but it is always recommended to choosing right manufacturer for getting the best quality bags. But at this point of time, it is quite important to take some of the most important Safety information at the time of filling and emptying a FIBC bags which are as Given below.

Keep Loops Vertical:
The loops should be kept vertical because they are designed in that way only. Lifting the bags, horizontally, laterally or side to side can cause damage to the bags thereby making it unstable which might be dangerous for the standing around the bag being lifted.

Keep Clear of Suspended FIBCs:
When the FIBC bags are suspended, the surroundings should be clear making sure that no one standing close or under the suspended bag. Severe injury or even death can occur if the suspended bag is dislodged from the suspending device.
Never Gather Loops: