Customization option in FIBCs

FIBCs bags are a hugely successful solution for packaging, transporting storing food-grade products, petrochemicals, chemicals, and various other non-hazardous products. FIBCs come in various sizes and there are also different types of FIBCs to accommodate the requirements of different types of products.
At fibc-silvassa, Being an established FIBC bag manufacturer we are capable of providing custom FIBC bags so you can have an FIBC that exactly matches your requirement. Depending on your requirement you can request customization of the following features in your FIBC:

Type of FIBC Bags
There are different types of FIBC. Using the right type of FIBC can make the shipping of products easier and safer. Depending on your requirement you can request for FIBC bags.

Type of Fabric:-
  • Type A - The standard bulk bag material. Perfect for non-flammable products.
  • Type B - Similar to Type As, but prevent sparks from forming.
  • Type C - Used for flammable solvents or when gases are around the bag.
  • Type D - Good with flammable powders and solvents. Unlike the Type C, does not require grounding.
Loop Construction:-
  • Cross corner loops
  • Ancillary loops
  • Corner loops
  • Tunnel loops
  • Single Steve door loops
  • Double Steve door loops
  • Single loop
  • Double loops 
Top Construction:-
  • Filling spout
  • Open top
  • Skirt top
  • Flat top
  • Filling spout with Irish closure
  • Conical spout
  • Filling spout with star closure
  • Double layer filling spout
  • Flap top with filling spout
Bottom Construction:-
  • Discharge spout
  • Open bottom
  • Discharge spout with Irish closure 
  • Discharge spout with Flap bottom 
  • Flap bottom 
  • Discharging spout with star closure 
  • Conical bottom 
  • Open bottom system 
  • Double discharging spout
Stitching Pattern:-
  • Single Needle Stitch
  • Double Needle Stitch
  • Overlock Stitch + Safety Stitch
  • Single Dust proof Stitch
  • Double Dust proof Stitch
Sizes and Safe Working Loads:-

We offer FIBCs in a wide range of cubic foot capacity. You can request for safe working loads (SWL) of up to 2500kg.


You can request for baffles in FIBCs if you want. These baffles help to increase the form factor and structural integrity. In addition,it makes it easier store FIBCs.

Multiple Color Options:-

except for choosing colors, you can request for custom printing. You can also do branding in your FIBC and print safety instructions on the FIBC bags itself.
from the above, we can offer you many more customization options. At fibc-silvassa, we are committed to offering you bags that exactly match your technical specifications. This ensures you can have an FIBC that is safe, reliable, and best suited for the application.

-:Get Customized FIBC Bags at fibc-silvassa:-

At FIBC-silvassa We make custom FIBC bags that specifically meet your application demand. Getting custom FIBC bags does not necessarily mean additional cost. In fact, using a custom FIBC can help to reduce the shipping costs. On the other hand, not using the right FIBC can have an injurious effect. Fibc-silvassa is determined to offer FIBC bags that not just fit your requirement but also in your budget.


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