FIBC Filling Instruction

It is important that FIBC bags are handled properly at every stage, from filling, storage, to transportation. In order to fill FIBCs safely and successfully, the following Instruction should be followed.
  1. Before the filling begins ensuring the FIBC is visually free from any damage that may compromise its strength or carrying ability. If you see a Cut, a loose seam or any other defect, do not attempt to fill the bulk bag. It should be removed and given a thorough inspection before being used again.
  2. If there is a discharge spout on the bottom of the bag make sure that is closed properly as per manufacturer Instruction.
  3. Do not use FIBCs to carry unapproved materials.
  4. While fill the FIBC, make sure the product is filling the bag Completely and that the bag is remaining stable as it is being filled.
  5. The device being used to support or suspend a filled FIBC should be of sufficient strength capacity.
  6. You also need to make sure any device used to suspend a filled FIBC should be sufficient strength capacity.
  7. Make sure that the FIBCs are not standing in water.
  8. All lifting mechanisms must have rounded edges with a radius of at least five mm.
  9. The fill spout of the bulk bag should be closed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  10. A filled FIBC should be lifting and moving smoothly.
  11. Be alert of the environment when filling your bulk bag, the filling environment needs to be appropriate for FIBC usage. (e.g. explosive and flammable environment).
  12. Ensure all personnel remain at a safe distance when moving an FIBC.
  13. The FIBC needs to be approved for the product, never fill an FIBC with a non-approved product.
  14. Never fill an FIBC without verifying the bottom spout is closed.
  15. FIBCs should be covered with UV protected, waterproof material so that water doesn’t collect on top of the bulk bag.
  16. Never exceed the safe working load (SWL).
  17. Never use a device to support your FIBC that is not approved to do so.
  18. Never fill an FIBC within a dangerous filling environment.
  19. Never allow any personnel to come under a suspended FIBC as it can be dangerous.
  20. Never attempt to lift an FIBC when the lift loops are not in a vertical position.
At FIBC-Silvassa we follow all safety instruction when manufacturing our products. We are committed to manufacture quality products.


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