Handling Guideline of FIBCs

FIBC bags are very useful for a number of industrial uses and are highly preferred by the users. There are a number of FIBC bag manufacturers in India but it is always recommended to choosing right manufacturer for getting the best quality bags. But at this point of time, it is quite important to take some of the most important Safety information at the time of filling and emptying a FIBC bags which are as Given below.

Use Every Loop:
At the time of using a FIBC bag, it is extremely important to use all of the loops provided. The Lift loops are essential to FIBC construction and are specifically designed to be used in tandem with each other to lift the full rated weight of a loaded bag. If you can not use all of the provided loops its increase the chance of a loop tearing and the bag dropping from the lifted height.

Never Gather Loops:
Never gather loops to be lifted with a single hook unless it is specified to do so. Using loops in anyway other ways which is not mentioned can be dangerous.
Keep Loops Vertical:
The loops should be kept vertical because they are designed in that way only. Lifting the bags, horizontally, laterally or side to side can cause damage to the bags thereby making it unstable which might be dangerous for the standing around the bag being lifted.
 Keep Clear of Suspended FIBCs:
When the FIBC bags are suspended, the surroundings should be   clear  making sure that no one standing close or under the   suspended bag. Severe injury or even death can occur if the   suspended bag is dislodged from the suspending device.

Never Exceed the Safe Working Load (SWL) or Rated Capacity :
It is extremely important to keep a close watch on the safe working load or the rated capacity of the FIBC bag being used. Every bag that is purchased comes with a SWL or safe working load. Exceeding the SWL significantly increases the chance of bag failure that can lead to severe accidents.

Fill the Bag Evenly and Keep it Stable:
Fill, store, and empty the bags are evenly filled and are kept completely stable. Make sure to fill the bag evenly to prevent instability. Not doing so can cause the bag to topple during filling and discharging resulting in a dangerous situation.
Close the Bag as Instructed:
Closing the bag properly is key to the bag performing safely. Also, proper closing ensures the prevention of leakage at the time of storage and transportation thereby eliminating the chances of hazardous or dangerous events. If a bag is not closed it can leak product during storage and transportation. If the material being transported/stored are hazardous in anyway, this can create a dangerous situation for those near the bag.


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