How FIBC Bags Can Reduce Your Shipping Costs

FIBCs bags are not only great for your product but also your business. These FIBC bags are not just environmentally friendly, versatile and practical, you can also add cost-effective to that list. They make transportation and storage easier and reduce shipping costs. FIBC Bags can store and transport all different types of materials including both hazardous and non-hazardous dry flow-able materials.

below are some of the ways that FIBC bags can help reduce your shipping costs.
  • Transportation costs and secondary packaging
          Unlike other bulk packaging options, FIBC bags do not require the use of pallets in transport, which eliminates the need for costly secondary packaging. Secondary packaging in most cases can add quite a bit of weight as well as take additional space therefore increasing the cost to ship your product.
Using FIBCs saves you money on all these factors, FIBCs are extremely durable and, in most cases, do not require protective packaging.
  • Reusable
           Some woven polypropylene bulk bags are specifically manufactured for multiple uses and they are called 6:1 SFR (Safety Factor Ratio) bags. 6:1 SFR bags can be used more than once and can reduce overall costs. It is important to note that although these bags are rated for multiple uses, there are specific guidelines that you need to adhere to for safe and proper use.
  • Ability to carry large quantities
           Light weight and very durable, Using FIBCs you have the ability to carry a lot of product/material. With safe working loads (SWL) ranging from 50 - 2500 kilograms, using just a single Big Bag. FIBC bags have the ability to store and transport quite a bit of product and material.
  • Low dead weight
            Heavy weight is the weight of a container that you are using to transport your product/material. The heavier the container, the more dead weight you pay to ship. FIBCs have an extremely low amount of dead weight that your business pays to ship. Therefore, with using FIBC Bags, you are able to ship more product for less money. 
  • Save Storage costs
            Every square meter of storage room is valuable, Warehouse space is expensive and it’s the goal of every business to use each square foot of space efficiently. FIBCs take up minimal space because Unused bags can be folded into a compact size. Filled bags are also easy to store since they don't require pallets, as they can be stacked on top of each other helping your warehouse space.


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