Perfect Filling Equipment for FIBC Big bags

There are many different ways to fill FIBC big bags in your facility. One of the most common and practical ways is using specialized filling machines designed to make filling bulk bags clean, efficient, and safe. There are many different FIBC big bag fillers that come in a variety of sizes and designs. What’s best for your company and employees largely depends on your product, application, and facility. Selecting the right filling equipment is all about your own exclusive situation and requirements within your facility.

Some of the common filling equipment for FIBC bags is mentioned below:

Stand-alone fillers:
These are one of the most popular types of automated big bag filler. They are simple in design, easy to operate, and can work in a wide variety of facilities. The filler releases material from the crest of the machine into the bag underneath. Usually, they include spout top which helps to prevent any material from spilling during the filling procedure. This prevents any material from spilling during the filling process. Simply attach the bag at the top, auto-fill, stop and detach.
Stand-alone fillers can be easily added to a conveyer line and/or fill FIBCs on pallets for use with forklifts. Stand-alone fillers are a great solution if you already have a system for moving materials and could easily connect the machine to your production line.

Pneumatic systems:

The most complex and heavy duty of all the automated filling systems is the pneumatic systems. These systems are designed for the transport of large amounts of multiple different material types around your facility and ultimately into big bags. They can be used to move materials up and into bags but are more useful in large-scale operations. They use heavy vacuum systems and blower air pressure systems to move large amounts of a variety of materials quickly throughout a facility. They are completely enclosed systems that ensure materials are properly handled and contaminates are kept out. They are highly customizable and reliable as well as easy to maintain.

Conveyor fillers:

Conveyor-type big bag fillers are different from stand-alone fillers as they have the ability to transport materials from any place in the facility, to the filling area, and into the bag. The best thing about conveyor fillers provides a type of 2-in-1 solution for transporting the materials to the loading site, and into the bag as well. Conveyor fillers offer a more thorough big bag loading system when compared with stand-alone fillers.
There are a few different types of conveyor fillers ranging from a simple flexible screw conveyor to more advanced modular tubular cable conveyors. The best fit largely depends on how much material you are moving and your facilities’ capacity/size. Modular tubular systems offer complex, facility specific designs to quickly move materials throughout your facility and into FIBCs. If you want to move materials fast from one place in your facility into one or several bulk bags, conveyor systems are usually a quick and proficient way to do so.


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