UN 4 Loop FIBCs for Hazardous Goods

Around the world, the transportation of hazardous products is regulated within a framework established by the United Nations (UN) Subcommittee of Expert on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. It provides consistent international guidelines to prevent accidents and damages to people, property, and the environment.

If you’re involved in the transportation of materials which are highly regulated, you will need to make use of storage containers or bags which are well built and won’t cause any environmental disasters. This becomes very important especially if the material that you are transporting happens to be toxic or volatile in nature.

What is a UN rated FIBC bag?

UN rated bags are FIBCs which have been specially designed and have a much higher durability than normal FIBC bags. Normal FIBC bags have a safety ratio of 5:1 which is the current industry standard. However, UN rated bags have an extremely impressive safety ratio of 6:1. UN rated bulk bags are heavy duty and highly durable. This ensures safe storage and transportation of any hazardous materials.
UN rated FIBC bags face lots of tests to ensure that they are up to industry standards. These bags are given the seal of approval by UN authorities. These UN bags have many advantages and have to face lots of tests to discover quality such as:

Top lift test:
In this test The FIBC is loaded with six times the maximum load.

Drop test :
This test is Depending on the packaging group, the FIBC filled with the maximum load is dropped in an upright position from a height of 80 cm or 120 cm.

Topple test:

This test Depending on the packaging group, the FIBC filled with the maximum load is toppled from a height of 80 cm or 120 cm.

Righting test :
After being toppled, the FIBC filled with the maximum load is lifted to an upright position on one or two loops.

Tear test:
A 100 mm tear is made on one of the sides of the FIBC filled with the maximum load. The FIBC is then filled with twice its maximum load for a minimum of five minutes. Finally, the FIBC is suspended with its SWL for another five minutes.

Stacking test:
The FIBC filled with the maximum load is loaded with 1.8 times the weight that is permitted on top of the FIBC.
The UN is very strict about these tests and other regulations which have to be met. If the FIBC bags fail any of these tests, they will not be legally categorized as UN rated bulk bags.

Details of UN 4-Loop FIBCs?

  •  Perfect for containing powder, granules and flakes.
  •  Provide protection against electrostatics and moisture in the atmosphere.
  •  Can be produced in different sizes according to your preference.
  •  Can be used for storage and transportation of foods, pharmaceuticals and other chemical substances.
  •  UN 4-Loop FIBCs are very durable and safe and are an excellent semi-bulk packaging solution.
  •  Available in flat woven or tubular woven fabric
  •  Various lifting possibilities available.
  •  UN code available on request.
  •  FIBCs are certified for the transportation of hazardous goods.
It can be produced with verity of options like:
  •  Coating
  •  Color
  •  Printed
  •  Dust proof
  •  With Liner
  •  And various inlet and outlet closures


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