Why FIBC Bags are best choice for food storage

FIBC is usually referred to as bulk bags. The size of these containers is such that they cannot be carried by hand however, they aren’t large enough to contain a truck load of materials. FIBCs are used in all kinds of industries today, including those dealing in food items.

Food grade FIBCs used for the packing food products. These bags must be produced in a clean facility that is certified by the food safety standards.

FIBC bags are perfect for the storage of food products like sugar, pulses, rice and other similar edible products. When it comes to products with a powdery consistency, FIBCs need to have dust-proof seams and laminated fabric or polythene lining.

FIBC bags approved as Food Grade FIBC can be used for the transport and storage of spices, pulses, grains and food powders. Even pharmaceutical drugs can also be transported safely in these bulk bags.

Advantages of food grade FIBC Bags 
These bags can be stored in a very small space when not in use. They are deflated when not in use and packed away. Hundreds of them can be stored very limited space without a problem. At the same time the need for the maintenance of these bags is very low.
Various Options:
Another great advantage about food grade FIBC is it comes with multiple options to meet various requirements, like:
  • Fabric Color
  • Easy lifting system
  • Quality printing
  • Laminated materials
    • Reduced static
    • Dust-proof seems
    • Loading & carrying Option
    Cost effective:
    Food grade FIBC is available for industrial use at an affordable price. Their strong quality ensures their ability to protect their contents without breaking or getting punctured. This adds to the cost effectiveness by bringing down the cost of production.
    Bulk bags can be used more than once provided they have the 6:1 Safety Factor because these bags have been designed to be used multiple times. This in turn helps an organization to save money.
    Ensures Hygiene:
    The FDA standards call for quality materials that can ensure things like the safety and hygiene of food materials. So, for FIBCs to be marked as food grade containers, they need to be able to protect food from dust, germs and other pollutants that could damage the food products.
    The new food grade FIBCs are made from 100% virgin polypropylene. Meaning they are definitely recyclable. As a result, industries can stick to environmental-friendly ethics.


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