Aluminium Liner by FIBC-Silvassa

ALUMINIUM LINERS are known to be the best oxygen & Gas barrier, and preferred for transport and stocking of humidity/gas sensitive products. These liners are specially designed to be used for fine powderous materials and solvent based materials to have conductive properties, but also include a food grade internal layer.
It is suitable as a filing material for packaging to prevent nylon, plastic resin, chemical, and other raw materials from damping. 
These liners work by taking the exact shape of the FIBC. They are made of polyethylene and the fact that they can adjust themselves to the exact shape of the FIBC, including of the spouts, provides easier filling and discharging of the product they are carrying. The best part is that these liners can be easily removed from the FIBC or left there permanently. Not only are these liners strong but they are also known to be chemical resistant and have moisture/ oxygen barriers along with anti-static properties. Thereby ensuring that the product remains completely safe and pure.

Advantages of Aluminium liners:
  • Preventing product damage and/or contamination
  • Available with top and/or bottom spouts for safe filling and discharge
  • Protection against moisture and oxygen
  • Can be manufactured using different materials to suit specific applications


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