Container Liner by FIBC-silvassa

FIBC Silvassa’s Container liners can transform your 20 or 40 foot container into an efficient transport system for bulk goods within ten minutes. With container liners, every ISO standard container can be used. For example, our customers use it for the following products: chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, agricultural products, seeds and food products. Because the polypropylene fabric is attached to the inside of the container, the product does not touch the container itself. It creates an extra inner wall that protects the product and prevents any contamination.

The FIBC Container Liner is hand fabricated in house based on the customer’s specifications meaning that they can tailor the container liner to suit the customer, including the procedure of filling or emptying necessities.

Advantages of Container Liners:

There are a number of advantages of container liners which are as listed below.
  • Are quick and simple to install.
  • Enable bulk cargo to be shipped door to door with a minimum of handling.
  • Avoids cargo contamination.
  • Provides cost efficient saving for the shipping of bulk raw materials.
  • Considerable reduction in product damage costs during transportation.
  • They can eliminate product damage and offer total protection against oxygen and moisture.
  • Well-known companies that specialize in the manufacture and design of container liners and have the ability to customize a liner to best suit your product, loading and discharge necessities.
  • container liner available including Military Grade, and Anti-Static to best guard your products.
  • Container Liners permit a high space utilization of shipping containers as a result maximizing the return from transport costs per ton.


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