FIBC bags & Their Uses

FIBC bags are commonly used to store and transport materials such as minerals, chemicals, building materials and more. These bags are built keeping the safety perspective in mind and are durable. Our FIBC Bags can withstand extreme weather conditions and ensure your product safety and quality. 

Made from polypropylene fabric, here are the 4 different types of FIBC bags and their uses:

Conductive FIBC Bags:
conductive FIBCs or ground-able FIBCs, are made from non-conductive polypropylene fabrics interwoven with conducting threads traditionally sewn in a grid pattern. These conducting threads must be electrically interconnected as well as connected to a designated ground/earth during filling and discharging. This connection to the ground/earth during filling and discharging is imperative to the safe use of Conductive FIBC Bags. These are used for transporting flammable powder substances.

UN Certified Bags:
These bags are made from woven plastics both with/without coating and with/without liners. They are used to store and transport hazardous products as regulated by the UN Association or the Orange Book. These bags are also classified according to the kind of hazardous goods they can carry. These bags have to meet rigorous testing standards to ensure they can carry dangerous goods.

Standards FIBC Bags:
These are the most common FIBC bags that are used and have a load capacity between 500-2500 kilograms and a Safety Factor of 5:1/6:1. The dimensions can be customized as per your needs and requirements and you, therefore, must only buy these bags from reputed FIBC bags manufacturers in India. Typically, these bags are used to store and transport construction materials such as sand, gravel, powders and more.

Ventilated Bags:
These bags are built with ventilated fabrics making them a great choice for food items like onions, potatoes etc. The air flows into the bag, thus preventing spoilage resulting from moisture and mold. What’s more, they also keep the food items safe during storage and transportation making them a great choice for storing these vegetables in warehouses.


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