FIBC Liner by FIBC-silvassa

FIBC containers are used in numbers of industries that need to transport or store large quantity of products. They are commonly used in numerous industries including but not limited to agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, pet food, and metals & mining industries, have a high demand for FIBC bags.
The application of FIBC Liners is to enable companies to securely store or transport large quantities of fine powder or perishable items. These poly liners are inserted into each bag and work with both duffle top and spout top bags. Often times, liners can also be made with attachment tabs which allow the liners to be sewed, tied or glued to the bag removing the chance of liner discharge. There are four kinds of widely used liners, customized according to usage.

Aluminium Foil Liners:

Foil liners or aluminium foil lines provide UV protection, are moisture resistant and allow oxygen to flow in. They can be customized to a variety of bags. This is one of the most stable FIBC liners, and they are also known to improve filling, discharging and safe handling of goods.

FIBC foil liners are made of aluminium-laminated films that protect the quality and the integrity of the product that is packed in the bag. Each foil liner can be manufactured using various aluminium compounds depending on the specific needs of each application. Some other features of foil liners include:
  • Protection against moisture and oxygen
  • Can be manufactured using different materials to suit specific applications
  • Available with top and/or bottom spouts for safe filling and discharge
  • Preventing product damage and/or contamination
Form-Fit Liners:

form-fit liners are one of the most common liners used for storage and transportation. It is designed to adapt to the size of the bag. Form-fit poly liners improve the bags performance and protect the product packed from contamination during processing, storage, and transportation.

Form-fit liners also allow for a consistent fill and discharge of products because they do not have folds, pleats or other traps to slow down product flow. The form-fit liners are detachable or can be permanently attached to the bag. Some other features of form-fit liners include:
  • Anti-static properties
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Chemical resistance
  • Moisture barrier
Lay-Flat Liners:

Lay-flat polyethylene liners are the most common type of liners. They are cylindrical in shape, open at the top, and the bottom is often heat sealed. This means in order to get the produce out of the bag, the liner has to be cut open. Lay-Flat liners can come already inserted in the bag or can be purchased by the roll. Some other features of Lay-Flat liners include:
  • Anti-static properties
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Chemical resistance
  • Moisture barrier
Baffle Liners:

One type of FIBC liners is the baffle liner. The form-fit baffle design can provide superior package performance and, at times, reduce storage and shipping costs. Apart from providing increased stability, it also enhances bag stack ability. Square in shape, this liner utilizes internal baffles to maintain its shape. The square shape of baffle poly liners can also help save space on pallets and in trucks, which means added quantity of bags can be fit in a smaller place. Some other features of baffle liners include:
  • Protection from contamination
  • Formed spouts for filling and discharge
  • Increased stability
  • Can hold up to 30% more product in a given space
  • Increased bag stack-ability


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