Gambo Liner by FIBC-Silvassa

These are an extended version of a normal baffle FIBC. A low GSM woven PP liner is stitched inside the regular four loop bag. This liner acts like a baffle bag itself. These are best used when the cost of transportation is very high and space saved is money earned. The double walled structure of these bags helps them to be more friendly with stacking. these bags are referred as “Gambo Liner” bags.

Gambo liners are designed for products which are easily affected by the environmental conditions and for products where space optimization is necessary.

These liners are produced according to the international CP pallet sizes or special customer requests so that the big bag fits the pallet size and any space loss is prevented during storage and transportation.

The Gambo liner is a form shaped PE liner. It is designed to maximize storage and transportation space. It also allows you to make a form stable FIBC, squarer and more stable.

A baffle liner is often used instead of baffled FIBC bag when cleanliness is a top priority as well as stability and space economy.

Gambo liners are available with conductive, antistatic, barrier and high resistant PE options.

Gambo Liner Used for:
  • In cases where both a liner and space optimization are required.
  • When cost advantage in transportation and storage are important.
  • When potential handling damages during transportation and storage should be avoided.


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