Garden waste bag by FIBC-silvassa

FIBC Silvassa have expertise in making bags for recycling products that are used by Households, Waste Collection and Waste Management companies. These bags are used for waste and residues from individuals, properties, construction and other activities. Waste bags provide a solution to deal with any waste collection need such as cardboard/paper, glass, plastic, garden waste and confidential documents. All of our recycling products can be printed or embossed to display bespoke customer designs such as logo and instructions for contents allowed. Printed front panel is particularly useful to show what waste ‘CAN’ and ‘CANNOT’ be filled inside the bag.

Advantages of garden bag:-

This is an environment friendly product in agricultural industry. Useful in gardens for waste collection and recycling.

Garden Bags / Garden Sacks:-
  • This is also known as Kerbside bag.
  • These are generally used by Households and Municipal Corporation for collecting garden wastes.
  • They take grass, flowers, lawn clippings, weeds, tree prunes, shrubs, twigs, and small branches.
  • These bags are available in customized colors – White, Green, Blue, Orange, etc.
  • Construction: U-Panel / 4 Panel / Circular / Tubular with 1 joint.
  • As a standard they come with 2 lifting loops and 1 strap at base for emptying.
  • Printing – maximum 4 side 4 colors.
  • Additional features – Weighted Rubber base for Self-Standing and easily open when filling.
  • Velcro for closing top flap.
Heavy Duty Waste Bags:-

These are tough, heavy duty, disposable rubbish bag that can be used as an alternative to steel skip bins. It offers a convenient and practical solution for all types of waste removal requirements – debris, garden waste, demolition waste, construction waste and household junks.
  • 3 sizes are available – ½ m3, 1m3, 2m3 and 3m3.
  • Also classified as Small, Large and Extra Large.
  • Customized colors – White, Green, Blue, Orange, etc.
  • Printing – maximum 4 color.


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