Guideline when buying food-grade FIBC

FIBCs, are used in a variety of facilities including food manufacturing and food processing plants. FIBCs are used by various industrial sectors like agriculture, chemicals, and pharmaceutical, but one of the largest users of FIBC bags is the food industry. Food grade FIBC bags are a great option for transporting and storing food and food related products. Manufacturers and distributors looking to transport and store their food usually choose these huge bags over any other handling method.

Here we talk a few guidelines you need to look for when buying food-grade FIBC.

Virgin Resin:

Food grade FIBC bags are manufactured using 100 percent virgin polypropylene resin, which is resin that does not contain recycled materials. Unfortunately, it is quite common for standard FIBC bags to be manufactured with resins containing recycled materials. Such bags are more robust and can withstand storage, lifting, and transport. US FDA regulations make it mandatory to use virgin resin for manufacturing food grade FIBCs.

Third Party Certifications:

Certification of quality by reputed third-party agencies like BRC, SQF, ensure cleanliness during manufacturing, quality of material used, and trust in the product.
The high-level requirements set forth by an agency like BRC ensure that the FIBCs are manufactured in a clean room and have the following measures in place:
  • Proper ventilation for air quality.
  • Light table visual inspection for quality assurance.
  • Metal detection to prevent any metals from the manufacturing process from contaminating the FIBCs.
  • Pest control procedures to prevent all pests from contaminating the FIBCs.
  • Vacuum air cleaning for optimal air quality, humidity, and temperature
Storage Capacity:

Using FIBCs you have the ability to carry a lot of product/material. With safe working loads (SWL) ranging from 50 - 2500 kilograms, using just a single Big Bag. FIBC bags have the ability to store and transport quite a bit of product and material. When buying bags, you necessarily have to check the storage capacity of the bag because if you load more than the specified capacity, the bag is likely to get damaged during lifting and transportation.


Food companies usually have specific transportation and storage requirement and hence they require their FIBCs to be customized to their needs. So, when you are choosing your food grade FIBC bags supplier, make sure they have the facility to offer needed customization in a timely manner. food grade FIBC is it comes with multiple options to meet various requirements, like:
  • Fabric Color
  • Easy lifting system
  • Quality printing
  • Laminated materials
  • Reduced static
  • Dust-proof seems
  • Loading & carrying Option


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