Q Bags / Baffle Bags by FIBC-silvassa

What is Baffle FIBC Bags?
Baffle Bag is type of bulk bag in FIBC category. Baffle Bags are perfect option if you’re operating under the load of limited space for storage of these FIBC bags.
Baffle bag has baffle on its corner and retain its cubic shape when filled with material. They keep the FIBC bag square shaped and stop them from bulging. baffle bags are stacked properly than standard FIBC bag. Bag doesn’t get punctured from outside due to its strong fabric. They cut down on storage space and also transportation costs get reduced as compared to standard FIBCs bags.

Benefits of FIBC Q Bags:
  • One of the biggest benefits of these baffle FIBC bags is that they can store 30% more material per bag as compared to other standard FIBC bags, because their design ensures the material flows to the 4 corners of the bag.
  • These bags allow you to optimize storage space and also reduce spillage.
  • The fact that these bags maintain their cubic form means you can stack them easily, in a more planned manner, which helps your warehouse look neater, cleaner and aesthetically appealing.
  • The FIBC Q bag baffle bag doesn’t go beyond the pallet dimension after being filled.
Remain in Shape:
These baffles ensure that the Q bag will remain stable after filling with no more than minimum bulging, which means that the FIBC (big bag/jumbo bag) stays within the pallet dimensions and guarantees an optimum load for any type of transport.

Get stacked neater:
Standard FIBC bags tend to bulge once they are filled with the materials to be transported. They can be stacked but depending on the contents, it’s not always a neat process. Baffle bags have baffles which are basically panels of fabric on each side of the bag which do not allow it to get out of shape even when full. Hence, Baffle FIBC bags are much more stable and firmer, and get stacked very smartly.

Save space:
Since, these bags retain their shape even when full and are perfect for stacking while storing and transporting materials, they are more compact than their counterparts. Hence, they are often preferred over Standard FIBC bags.


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