Stevedore Loops by FIBC-Silvassa

Stevedore Straps:

Stevedore straps are essentially additional straps that attach in some way to the polypropylene straps that are sewn into a FIBC. They are sold separately and/or with the bags themselves. There are several different types, but all of them are looped through the existing bag loops to offer additional ways to lift the bag. The most common uses are for forklifts. These straps give easy access points for forklifts to slide into and move the bag throughout any facility making them very popular in many warehouses where FIBCs are in use.

Types of Stevedore Strap

There are three stevedore strap types that are the most commonly used:

Single Stevedore:
A single stevedore set up involves a single strap that loops through all four straps that are sewn into the bag. it makes it very easy for forklifts to pick up and move the FIBC throughout a facility.

Double Stevedore Straps:
A double stevedore set up involves two longer straps where each is looped through two of the straps that are sewn into the bag. This is a very common type of stevedore for use with forklifts as it makes it very easy to put the forklift’s arms through the straps for easy lifting.

Standard Stevedore Straps:
Standard straps are often referred to as simply stevedore straps. In this type, four individual straps attach to each of the straps sewn into the bags.


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