Tunnel Loop FIBC bag by FIBC-Silvassa

        Tunnel Loop FIBCs are becoming very popular and highly accepted not only in the building trade but also in many other industries. The unique design of Tunnel lift bags with 4 standard loops and 2 side tunnels helps the customer in reducing its labor cost.
        We manufacture Tunnel loops bag wherein loops are two continuous tunnels along the side of the FIBC (big bag/jumbo bag).
        Our Bags makes it easy for one person to pick up and can therefore save labor. For some filling and discharging systems, the forklift truck driver can lift up the FIBC and place it into the filling or discharging system without having to get out of the truck. It may also help in reducing your pallet usage.

It can be produced with verity of options like:
  • Up to 4 Color Printing
  • Size as per the customers requirement
  • Available with Baffle inside the Tunnel lift FIBC
  • 5:1 Single trip, or 6:1 Multi trip
  • Color Fabric options with sides and body of different color each
  • Coated or Uncoated fabric
  • Can be UN-approved with a safety factor of 6:1


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