EVOH Liner by FIBC-Silvassa

FIBC Silvassa- EVOH liner is a co-extruded liner suitable for products which require a leak and moisture proof FIBC.
EVOH liners are made of different layers in which different materials are mixed to make sure oxygen/other gases can't get inside the liner.
The liners are very suitable for the food industry and for products that may have a smell/flavor.
Sensitive products are very well packed in these kinds of liners, and our pioneered entering and R&D makes FIBC Silvassa to be the best in class manufacturer for these kinds of specialized packaging.

EVOH liner advantages-
  • Excellent barrier against oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium. FIBC Silvassa- EVOH extends the shelf life of food products and protects their nutrients against bacteria.
  • Packaged products stay fresh all the way through the supply chain and even when stored for extended periods of time. FIBC Silvassa- EVOH reduces the need for preservatives or even avoids them entirely.
  • The taste, scent, color and freshness of all packaged products remain intact. FIBC Silvassa- EVOH increases the visual appeal of products for consumers.
  • Excellent transparency and high gloss: FIBC Silvassa- EVOH helps attract the shoppers' attention, making the product look even better. 
  • FIBC Silvassa- EVOH is recyclable and environmentally safe.


  1. (EVOH), a semi crystalline random copolymer of ethylene and vinyl alcohol, is widely and most commonly used in packaging structures for perishable food because of its superior barrier to oxygen. The high barrier performance of EVOH, even after abuse, has allowed for conversion from foil and metallized film laminations to co-extruded barrier films.


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