Filling & Discharging option In FIBCs

                            Filling Options

Flap Top

Flap Top FIBCs are ideal for quick filling applications. The flap top on this type of bag allows for quick fill making filling each bag easy and quick.

Skirt Top

Skirt Top FIBCs are another popular bag for quick filling applications. The bag opens and extrudes outwards to allow 
quick filling. 

Filling Spout

Spout Top FIBCs are one of the most commonly used types of bags. Spout top bags are the standard for most filling equipment and are great for a very controlled filling.

Open Top

Open Top FIBCs are ideal for quick filling applications. Open Top bags are usually accompanied by a flat or spout bottom. Open top bags are commonly used for building materials, scrap products, and lawn and garden applications.

Conical Top 

A Conical bag is shaped as a cone at the top. These bags are especially suitable to pack tacky products which are not so free flowing.

Top Spout Leno 

Leno bags are ideal for packaging your potatoes, onions, carrots, shellfish or firewood. Very strong, form-stable and breathable. Available as an individual bag, but also as the Baxmatic variant for automatic filling.

  Discharging Options

Discharge Spout

The discharge spout is on the bottom of the FIBC bag that remains closed until you are ready to discharge the product. The spout is a great way to discharge product because it is controlled, direct, and does not destroy the bag while the product is being discharged.
Discharge spouts come in multiple sizes and can be customized to your application. A Discharge spout is the most commonly used discharge option.

Discharge Spout with Iris or Star Closure

A discharge spout with cover is a piece of fabric sewn between the spout and the petal closure used to hold in/protect the spout. It prevents bulging and minimizes contamination risk. A square piece of fabric which is branded with an “X” and has webbing sewn in each flap for closing. It is sewn over the discharge spout for protection.

Discharge Spout with Flap 

The discharge spout with flap is a bottom diaper that protects the entire bottom surface of the bag for cleanliness and wearing. May also be referred to as a protective bottom.

Skirt Bottom with Flap 

A discharge skirt with an attached flap for protecting and sealing the tied skirt.

Conical Bottom 

FIBCs with a conical base are specially developed for poorly flowing products. The conical shape at the bottom of the bag ensures that the FIBC bag can be discharged quickly and easily. By using these FIBC bags, you can sometimes prevent expensive adjustments to discharging systems.


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