Single Loop & Two Loop FIBC bag by FIBC-Silvassa

Single Loop & Two Loop FIBCs are commonly recognized and accepted as being the most cost-effective form of packaging based on a cost-to-weight transported ratio. Our 1- and 2-Loop FIBCs are capable of transporting loads between 500 kg and 2500 kg capacity.

  • Best in handling with their qualities
  • Single and double loop big bags represent a special solution for handling and storage of materials with big bags
  • One or more big bags can be lifted at the same time with a hook or with similar devices, which presents a significant advantage compared to standard four loop FIBC where usually a forklift is needed and only one big bag is handled simultaneously.
  • These bags are cost-effective
  • Easy to fill, discharge and store
  • Easily transportable
Usage :

Single Loop & Two Loop FIBCs are Mostly used for packing fertilizer and in the chemical industry, but is also used for packing various types of grains, seeds, briquettes, pellets, cement and other materials.


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