Using FIBC Bags in Pet Food Industry

It’s very difficult to Storing and transporting food products such as pet food. If pet food product is food grade, you must increase regulations. Even if your product isn't food grade, you are constantly trying to prevent moisture exposure of your product. It’s not important that which method you choose to transport your pet food product, it's extremely important to select the option that:
  • well organized the procedure and experience for your client
  • Creates the most profitable storage and shipping process for your business
  • Best suits your work
Advantages that FIBC Bags offer in the Pet food Industries:
  1. When storing and transporting food product, it is very important that your product is safe from moisture, moisture is a huge enemy and can damage your product. Most bags can be conduct by a polyethylene liner to help keep your product safe from moisture. Although polyethylene liners not make the bag completely "waterproof", they do create a barrier between your product and moisture helping your product remain safe.
  2. During the storage and transportation process, bulk containers can be exposed to pests such as insects and rodents. if your product travels via rail the likelihood of pest and insect exposure increases exponentially. Insect and rodent infestations can cause contamination of your food product. FIBCs can be completely sealed to prevent pests from entering the bag. Also, polypropylene is very sturdy and hard for rodents to chew through. For that insect or pest will not get through a bag, and into your product.
  3. All businesses face challenge of Limited warehouse space and storage of both full and empty containers can be challenging especially when the container is large and rigid. Unused bags come to your facility in compact packaging and are easily stored until you are ready to use them. Given the compact packaging bags arrive in, you can easily store thousands of bags in your warehouse at any given time using minimal warehouse space.
  4. Large plastic and metal containers are very costly to purchase, use, and maintain. FIBC bags are very cost-effective bulk storage options and can hold product safely. Some bags are manufactured for multiple uses making them more cost-effective packaging option.


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