Using FIBC Bags to Transport Malted Barley

FIBCs are proven to be effective for the logistics operations of malting industry. As the craft brew industry has seen exponential growth in the last ten year, a demand for specialty malted barley has increased exponentially causing malters are looking to FIBCs as a better way to transport specialty malted barley.

Here we discuss why malting industry is doing away with the use of traditional 25kg bags and relying so much on FIBC bags, FIBCs as an economic and efficient way to transporting and transporting their products.

  • FIBCs are Safe for Carrying Food – Food grade FIBCs are made from 100 % virgin polypropylene resin. FIBC bags adhere to hygiene standards set for the food industry by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Use of recycled materials is prohibited in the bags to prevent contamination of food.
  • Helps in Brand Building & marketing – Jumbo bags can be custom printed with your logo and name on them for that they help malters do their own branding and marketing. Jumbo bags can be custom printed with your logo and name on them. From simple and clean black-and white-prints to full color imagery, you can expand your reach with every bag you ship.
  • It can be Customized – FIBCs come in a different type of designs to ensure ease of filling and discharging options. You can choose safe working loads (SWL) and cubic food capacity and lifting options for your FIBC as per your requirement.
  • Cost Effective – Food Grade FIBCs are perfect for the malting industry because Food Grade FIBCs can help malters transport up to 2,500 kgs or more safely. These bags are being safely carried by cranes or forklift. Empty bags a can be folded into compact sizes for easy to store. FIBCs can easily be recycled. These bags are also used multiple times as long as they are being cleaned and qualified for reuse to store or transport same product.


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