ventilated FIBC bag by FIBC-Silvassa

Ventilated bags are large and are made out of woven polypropylene. Widely used in storing and transporting dry products. The pure range of ventilated polypropylene woven fabrics also makes these fabrics meet the standards that permit required air flow through fabric into bag. Fibc-silvassa has extensive experience in successfully handling the requirements of Ventilated fabric in fabric FIBC.

  • These Bags are specially designed to store food items like potatoes, onions, grains, nuts etc.
  • These fabrics are specially designed to permit the required air flow through the fabric into the bag.
  • Usage of FIBC Ventilated Bags have the common supply chain issues of handling, storing and transporting food items.
Usage of Ventilated bag:

An industry where Ventilated bag are particularly useful is the agricultural industry. Certain produce needs to be stored with proper ventilation in many agricultural applications. Ventilated bags are perfect for these applications as they allow optimal airflow. A great example of this is potatoes. Potatoes need to be stored with plenty of airflow in order to prevent them from sprouting and/or molding making Ventilated bag the preferred option.

Dry Storage:
For example, firewood is often collected/chopped with moisture present in the wood. In order to move, store, and eventually sell the firewood it is ideal if the firewood is allowed to dry out and stay dry for storage/sale. Ventilated bags are perfect for this situation; the vents allow the outside air to dry the wood after it is collected and stay dry during storage.


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