Why FIBC bags are safe for material storage & transport

When you load and transport large amounts of stone, gravel, soil, debris and other various construction materials, it’s important that the bulk container is very durable and extremely safe to use. When used properly, FIBCs are an extremely safe way to transport and store construction materials. FIBCs are manufactured using woven polypropylene creating an incredibly strong and flexible bulk container perfect for most construction applications.

Here is one story that why FIBC bags are safe for your material storage & transport.

One day Truck was going for material shipment with fibc bag.

Suddenly the track falls into the drain water from the road side.

The truck was fully damage and FIBC bags are also fall into the drain water 

From this heavy accident truck is fully damage but the material and the FIBC bags are completely safe.We take out the fibc bag from the drain water with help of hydra.

And load that bags in to other truck for shipment.


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