FIBCs' for Peanuts packaging

Peanuts need the right transportation containers to retain optimal freshness. When you are moving fresh peanuts from one place to another, you must guarantee they will arrive safely without picking up any contaminants along the way. The containers themselves can be the source of those contaminants.

If you’re a peanut farmer, you need to store your yield correctly before shipping it out to distribute. If you’re storing the peanuts in a warehouse, you need the right standards for the environment for the building. Proper ventilation and aeration are key to keeping peanuts fresh. Unlike other food items, peanuts need a little moisture in the air to keep their qualities.

Advantages of FIBCs

Moisture Protection:

Open top FIBC Bag storage options leave your Peanuts exposed to the elements that can either damage or destroy your product. Moisture can cause Peanuts to mold resulting in lost product and money.
When moisture protection is a must, coated FIBC bags can offer great moisture protection. Coated bags have an additional polypropylene film that can be added to either the inside or outside of the bag.

Pest Protection:

Insect and rodent infestations can cause contamination and deterioration of your Peanuts and it is imperative to your operation and profitability that you keep these pests out. Metal, concrete, and plastic storage systems are more likely to result in high loss from insects, rodents, and even birds.
FIBC can be completely sealed, and polypropylene is very hard for rodents to chew through. Also, by using bags for storing your products.


These bags can be stored in a very small space when not in use. They are deflated when not in use and packed away. Hundreds of them can be stored very limited space without a problem. At the same time the need for the maintenance of these bags is very low.

Various Options:

Another great advantage about food grade FIBC is it comes with multiple options to meet various requirements, like:
  • Fabric Color
  • Easy lifting system
  • Quality printing
  • Laminated materials
  • Reduced static
  • Dust-proof seems
  • Loading & carrying Option


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