Food grade FIBCs' for your Agriculture packaging

When you need to transport food grade substances that are prone to outside contamination, food grade FIBC bags come to your rescue. As the name suggests, such FIBCs are carefully designed to suit the safety requirements of the food industry.
FIBCs, are used in a variety of facilities including food manufacturing and food processing plants. FIBCs are used by various industrial sectors like agriculture, chemicals, and pharmaceutical, but one of the largest users of FIBC bags is the food industry. Food grade FIBC bags are a great option for transporting and storing food and food related products. Manufacturers and distributors looking to transport and store their food usually choose these huge bags over any other handling method.
Here just a few reasons why FIBCs make sense for commercial food industries:
  • They’re safe: 
FIBC bags made specifically for the food industry must be made of FDA-approved materials and be manufactured and stored food-safe environments. This means there is no chance that materials used
in the creation of the FIBCs can contaminate the food products contained within them.
  • They’re cost-effective:
Food-safe FIBCs are strong enough to hold thousands of Wight of food, and they can be handled by cranes and forklifts. Yet because they are made of relatively light weight flexible materials, they are less expensive than other types of containers. Not only that, but Unused flexible intermediate bulk containers can be folded into a compact size making them easy to store saving valuable warehouse space and saving your business money.
  • They’re versatile
FIBCs are extremely versatile offering various filling and discharging options, bag bottom options, as well as a wide range of cubic food capacities and safe working loads(SWL). They also have the ability to carry almost any bulk material and can be custom built to fit your specific product/material and application.
  • They’re Reusable and Eco-friendly:
Since food grade FIBC bags are made from 100% virgin polypropylene resin that can be recycled within no time. These bags can be used multiple times. To check the safety factor of a bag, make sure you thoroughly inspect the safety ratios. Those with a 6:1 ratio can be reused, provided the bags are cleaned, reconditioned and qualified for reuse. Once it passes the test, you can easily use the bags whenever and however you like, as long as your products are being transported with care.


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