Type D FIBC Bags for Flammable Products

FIBC bags are used for the transportation of flammable products in a safe way particularly the Type C FIBC bags and the Type D FIBC bags. The Type D FIBC bags are referred to as the antistatic FIBC bags that need not be grounded at the time of loading or Unloading which is necessarily a great advantage of using these bags. Type D bags one of the most versatile bags. Like other types of FIBCs, anti-static bags come with lifting loops and discharge openings. It could be forklifted and maneuverer easily and is capable of holding huge volumes of materials.

You can safely transport flammable products in them even where grounding is not possible. Anti-static bags can also be used for transporting hazardous material even if flammable solvents or gases are likely to be present during loading and unloading. The common uses include storing of chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, fertilizers, grains, pigments, plastics, construction materials, and pharmaceuticals.

These bags are Eco-friendly as these can be reused and recycled.

Transported in the Type D FIBC Bags?

The Type D antistatic FIBC bags are used to transport some of the selected flammable products safely. This is the reason as to why these bags are the most preferred for the transportation of flammable products. These anti-static bags are also very suitable when there are flammable gases, vapors or any sort of combustible dust are present. The Type D antistatic FIBC bags are also can be very safely used for the packaging of various combustible products that too in an environment that is flammable in nature.

Material Used for Manufacturing Type D FIBC Bags

Most importantly, the main advantageous for the users at the time of loading and unloading the bags. Type D antistatic FIBC bags need not be grounded or earthed for the dissipation of the charges which is highly. The Type D antistatic FIBC bags are made up of static dissipative or antistatic fibers for the purpose of safe prevention of the incident of brush discharges, incendiary sparks as well as generate brush discharges. The Type D antistatic FIBC bags are manufactured with fabric that contains quasi conductive yarns which necessarily dissipates the charge or static electricity very safely into the atmosphere through the low energy corona discharge.


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