Advantages of Using FIBCs In Agriculture Industries

Modern agriculture and farming techniques have evolved rapidly during the last few decades. Improvements have been made and are constantly being updated, in all facets of the agriculture industry. With the advent of more effective weed control, fertilizer, seeds, techniques, and strategies, agriculture has become a more streamlined, less wasteful enterprise. This includes the use of FIBC bags, also referred to as flexible intermediate bulk containers.

Waste and spillage have always had a negative effect on a farmer’s bottom line, but with advancing petrochemical (polypropylene) technology, more efficient methods of storage, transportation, and disposal, FIBCs have become an important part of today’s agriculture industry. Here are some of the ways that FIBC bags can improve the today’s agriculture professional.

Different Sizes Available:
There are different sizes and load parameters available when considering a FIBC. Normally, FIBC bags will have a width between 45 and 48 inches which enables them to be loaded side-by-side in a standard 96-inch wide semi-trailer. With many different sizes available, agricultural professionals can maximize their storage or transportation requirements.

Customized option:
Different materials require different methods of loading or unloading a FIBC bag. There are standard bag designs. However, if the need, FIBC bags can also be customized them to suit a customer’s needs. FIBC bags come in a duffle top, open top, or spout top. Spouts can be customized to fit the particular filling System. Bag bottoms are available in a number of different styles. For a faster unload, conical bottom bags are available. FIBC bags are also available in closed bottom, diaper bottom, or fully open configurations.


Most FIBC bags are design for multiple-use. The 5:1 ratio bag are single-use bags and are capable of holding between 50 – 2500 kg of product. Six to one ratio bags and UN approved 6:1 bag can be used multiple times.

Additional Customization:

In addition to specifically designed bag bottoms, the lift loops can be tailored for forklift or crane lifting. Loops can be configured in a “corners,” “cross corners,” or “Stevedore” manner. FIBC bags can also be personalized by requesting custom logo printing or bag colors.

Product Protection:

Bag liners are available to add moisture protection when storing your product. They can be sewn into the fabric seams for permanent protection. FIBC bags with a bottom discharge can employ a liner which is “tabbed” into all eight corners of the container. Tabbing prevents the bag from slipping during discharge. Bag liners are constructed of polyethylene.

Huge Weight to Load Ratio:

Since they are considered “intermediate,” bulk bags are designed for loads of up to 3000 kg. FIBC bags weigh between 2 – 3 kg. per unit. Therefore, the amount of product which can be transported is increased significantly when compared to other storage products. This enables the transportation or storage of large amounts of material within a fairly small area, a factor which is crucial when considering your bottom line.


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