Different type of liner by FIBC-Silvassa

FIBC Bags are popular in many industries, and the food industry is no stranger to the benefits of FIBC Bags. However, for some products, such as very fine powders, a regular FIBC is not enough protection. That’s why they are paired with a liner. Food, mining, chemical, FIBCs are as versatile as it gets, and there is almost nothing that can’t be transported and stored in FIBCs. Due to their flexibility, some industries tend to re-use the bags, which is not always the best idea. Being made out of polypropylene woven fabric, quality and strength can be affected over time. A liner could make a great difference and help maintain the quality of your fibc Bag, but they are also used for products that need extra protection.
Liners can protect against contamination, moisture, and oxygen. They can be made out of different materials to suit specific needs for your applications. The types of liners fibc-silvassa provides combination possible. We work with the following liners:
  • Conductive Liner
  • Form-Fit Liner
  • Flanged Liner
  • Nylon Liner
  • HDPE Liner 
  • Aluminum liner
  • Container liner
  • Gambo liner
  • Aluminium baffle liner
  • Net baffle liner
  • Anti-static dissipative Liner
  • EVOH liner
The poly liners are either inserted loosely or directly attached to the bag. Often, liners can also be made with attachment tabs that allow the liners to be sewed into the bag, eliminating the chance of liner discharge.

Advantages of Liner:

  • Protect against oxygen and moisture
  • Extra barrier against contamination
  • Provide chemical resistance
  • They have anti-static properties
  • Help with safe filling and discharging


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