FIBC Bag with Flap

A FIBC bag flap is a piece of fabric that designed to cover the Top and Bottom of a FIBC Bag with the same dimensions as the bag it’s attached to. Flap made of the exact same woven polypropylene material as the rest of the bag and is attached to one of the four sides creating a flap that can be open and closed. It is designed to cover Top and Bottom Side of your bag. providing additional protection to the bag.

There are a Number of industry applications and uses where FIBC bag with flaps are extremely useful:
  1. If there is concern that the bottom discharge Spout may become damaged during transport or storage of the bag, a bottom flap offers additional protection. This could potentially save the discharge Spout from damage that could render it unusable.
  2. If you’re transporting product via shipping containers a flap can be extremely useful. The flap will provide additional protection to the bottom and/or top of the bag during transportation.
  3. In situations where contamination is absolutely unacceptable a flap is very useful. By covering the Top/Bottom Spout the flap helps prevent any outside contaminates from entering the bag.


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