High performance FIBCs' for your Soybeans Packaging

There are many ways for safely and effectively store and transport Soybean. No matter what method you choose to use, it’s important to select the option that:
  • Best suits your operation.
  • Creates the most successful storage and shipping process for your business.
  • Streamlines the process and experience for your customer.
Here are some advantages that FIBCs bags, can increase the long life of your Soybean through the storage process.

Low Maintenance:
One of the challenges of using large storage containers is maintaining optimal seed/grain hygiene. If an infestation occurs in a silo or mill, nine times out of 10 it means you will lose your entire supply within that storage container.
Not only are FIBC bags low maintenance and low cost, if one bag of product is contaminated, it doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of your product in the other bags will be contaminated as well. By using bags, contamination can be isolated easily saving the rest of your product.

Filling and Discharging:
Finding a solution that is customizable to your favorite method of filling and discharging your Soybean is imperative. If your operation prefers a bulk storage method that can be equipped for open top or spout top filling, bags can be customized to meet your needs. FIBC Bag have a variety of filling and discharging options including multiple spout sizes and top options. 

Effective Utilization of Space:
Depending on what time of the year it is, storage space can get tight (especially during harvest). For crops requiring a drying period, there is a special FIBC bag solution that allows for maximum use of space; stackable FIBC Bag.
With stackable bags, it is safe to stack them on top of each other allowing you to maximize your storage space and make use of the vertical storage space that may not be utilized otherwise.

Moisture Protection:
Open top FIBC Bag storage options leave your Soybeans exposed to the elements that can either damage or destroy your product. Moisture can cause Soybean to mold resulting in lost product and money.
When moisture protection is a must, coated FIBC bags can offer great moisture protection. Coated bags have an additional polypropylene film that can be added to either the inside or outside of the bag.

Pest Protection:
Insect and rodent infestations can cause contamination and deterioration of your Soybean and it is imperative to your operation and profitability that you keep these pests out. Metal, concrete, and plastic storage systems are more likely to result in high loss from insects, rodents, and even birds.
FIBC can be completely sealed, and polypropylene is very hard for rodents to chew through. Also, by using bags for storing your products.


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