Uses of type C FIBC Bag

FIBC bags are basically FIBC bags which are applied to industrial use. These bags are actually used as industrial containers which are made up of flexible fabric that is specifically designed for the storage and transportation of number of industrial products. There are four different types of FIBC bags which are used as per the specific requirements. The FIBC bags are classified into four types as follows.
  • Type A FIBC bags
  • Type B FIBC bags
  • Type C FIBC bags
  • Type D FIBC bags
About the Type C FIBC Bags

Type C FIBC bags that made from non-conductive polypropylene interwoven normally in a grid pattern with conduction yarns. The process involves interconnection of conductive yarns electrically that are later connected to designated ground or earth bonding points. Here, during the stage of FIBC bag filling and emptying operations, it is ensured that the ground or earth bonding points are connected to a system ground or earth. Moreover, when the conductive yarns and the connection to ground or earth is interconnected during these operations, the use of Type C FIBC bags becomes critically safe. Though, it must be noted that while ensuring interconnection and grounding of Type C FIBC, there are chances of human errors as the operations are carried out manually.

Uses of Type C FIBC Bag

As the Type C FIBC bags offer protection against static discharges, they are necessarily used in situations where there are similar types of hazards expected. The Uses of the Type C FIBC bags are Given Below:
  • The Type C FIBC bags are perfectly suited for the transportation of all sorts of flammable powder and other similar types of elements.
  • The Type C FIBC bags are necessarily used where there are chances of explosion or fire.
  • To transport flammable powders.
  • When flammable vapours, gases, or combustible dusts are present.


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