FIBCs for Grain & Seeds Storage

Modern agriculture and farming techniques have evolved rapidly during the last few years. Improvements have been made and are constantly being updated, in all facets of the agriculture industry. With the advent of more effective weed control, fertilizer, seeds, techniques, and strategies, agriculture has become a more streamlined, less wasteful enterprise. This includes the use of FIBC bags, also referred to as flexible intermediate bulk containers.

Waste and spillage have always had a negative effect on a farmer’s bottom line, but with advancing petrochemical (polypropylene) technology, more efficient methods of storage, transportation, and disposal, FIBCs have become an important part of today’s agriculture industry.
There are many ways for safely and effectively store and transport Seeds & grains. No matter what method you choose to use, it’s important to select the option that:
  • Best suits your operation.
  • Creates the most successful storage and shipping process for your business.
  • Streamlines the process and experience for your customer.
Here are some advantages that FIBCs bags, can increase the long life of your seed & Grain through the storage process.

Moisture Protection:

Moisture can be fatal for the quality of your Seeds and Grains. Especially open-top bulk storage options leave your seed and grain unsafe to the elements, causing them to mold which will result in loss of product - and money.

When you take a coated FIBCs, this offers some form of moisture protection, With Modified Atmosphere you don’t only protect your product from mold, but also from other elements, like oxygen, that could cause them to mold. We’ll create the optimal conditions within the FIBC Bag to keep the seeds and grains in the best possible condition.

Pest Protection:

With FIBCs in combination with MAP, we not only protect products from moisture and mold, but also from unwanted visitors inside: pests and contamination. Insects and rodent infestations are great troublemakers for any food product, with disastrous consequences. We know how to keep it safe, while at the same time elongating shelf life and improving quality.

The practicality of FIBCs is not limited to just one point. FIBCs have a different type of filling and discharging options, including different type of spout sizes and top options. With this, there is always a method that meets your needs.
But also, between filling and discharging, FIBC Bags offer great advantages. When seeds and grains in big amounts it taking up a lot of space in transport and in storage. Depending on the time of the year, space can be tight, especially during harvest. With form-stable FIBC Bag, you make the most of the space that is available in a safe way.


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