Lined FIBCs, FIBC Liners, and Coated FIBCs

Lined FIBC Bags: 

Companies can purchase poly liners for FIBC bags and insert them into any FIBC. However, you can also purchase bags that come with liners already built into the woven polypropylene. The advantage to buying FIBC bags with liners installed is the many options you have. There are 4 main types of lined FIBCs that we outline in this article. Having these different options allows lined bags to be used with a greater variety of products and applications.
The largest disadvantage to using pre-lined bags is that the liners are usually either sewn into the seams of the bag or tabbed to the bag’s material and cannot be removed. This offers slightly less flexibility for re-use when compared to using removable poly liners.

Coated FIBC Bags:

A coated FIBC is constructed similarly to a standard FIBC however, before the bag is sewn together, an additional polypropylene film is added to the bag’s fabric sealing the small gaps in the poly weaves. This film can be added to the inside or outside of the bag.
Inside the bag is the most common because it can keep products like powders from getting stuck in the weave when discharged. The coating can be difficult to detect if you’re not very familiar with FIBC. The easiest way to tell if a fabric is coated is to press the weave together to see if it spreads apart. Make sure to test both the outside and inside of the bag. If the weave does not spread apart, there’s a good chance the bag is coated.
    Uses of coated FIBC bags:
  • When you’re transporting dry flow able products in powder, granule or flake form such as cement, detergents, flour, salt, fine minerals such as carbon black, sand and sugar that need moisture protection.
  • When a barrier from water/moisture is needed.
  • Poly liner may be used along with a coated bag to add an extra layer of protection.
FIBC Liners:

Poly liners are plastic liners inserted into FIBCs and provide protection against leaking. where fine powders are being stored and transported or an additional moisture barrier is needed to add protection to the product FIBC Liner are used.
FIBC Liner is great fit for the food and pharmaceutical industries because when combined with a multi-use bag (6:1 safety ratio) they can easily be removed from the FIBC, discarded and replaced with a new liner allowing the FIBC bag to be re-used. This is one of the main reasons to use a poly liner instead of a FIBC bag with a pre-installed liner.


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