Recycling Process of FIBC Bag

The collection of recyclable materials is the first stage of recycling processes. The types of FIBC bag that are suitable for recycling include those used to store chemicals, fertilizers, grains, construction materials, pigments, and plastics. Bags for recycling are classified by different grades: Grade A (clean, bright white; colored stitching and handles allowed); Grade B (not as clean, mostly
white with minimal coloring) and Grade C (dirty or colored bags).
Sorting and cleaning:
Since FIBC bags serve a wide range of industries and uses, they need to be sorted into groups and Fully cleaned based on what they contained. FIBC bags are often used to hold materials that range from sand to fertilizer to hazardous chemicals, so proper cleaning is necessary.
During this phase, the recycling facility will also remove all zips and buttons.
Once they have been cleaned and prepped, the bags go through a shredder, reducing them to small flakes of material. This phase makes the rest of the processes more manageable.
During this stage of the recycling process, the plastic regrinds go through a separation process to differentiate contaminants from the plastic polymers. With today's advanced technology, machines can separate plastic by size, shape, color, melting point, and even the ability to absorb light.
The final phase of the process is compounding, where the polymers are recombined. extruder, where they are melted down at 240 degrees Celsius into uniform beads, also referred to as pellets or granules. The mixture is strengthened through the addition of virgin polypropylene. These pellets are used in new products, such as clothing and playground equipment.

A variety of new products can be manufactured from the pellets as the FIBC bag recycling process
comes full circle. This loop can be repeated over and over, as polypropylene can be safely recycled many times. These bags present an eco-friendly option for many businesses that need to store and transport large quantities of goods.


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