FIBC Bags For Variety of Products

The world of shipping and transporting goods would be a different place without FIBC bags. Today, almost every industry across the world uses these reliable bags to store and carry a variety of products with ease.
Whether you work in the food industry or pharmaceuticals, you need a sturdy packaging system that keeps your products safe and contamination-free. After all, getting your goods to the customers in an unharmed condition is part of the job!
FIBCs are also known as big bags, bulk bag and jumbo bags. High quality FIBC bags are known for its durability and capability to resist heavy weights. Used in storing and transporting various types of material. These bags are ideal for storing and transporting materials such as fertilizers, chemical & minerals, cement, sand & gravels, salts, food grains, sugar and many others. In addition, you can reuse FIBCs after a professional reconditioning or have 100% of the materials recycled. Because in most cases it is not necessary to use a secondary packaging (such as corner supports, a wrapping net or pallets), an FIBC is the most cost-effective packaging available.
  • Agricultural Products:
Agricultural products like potatoes, onions, nuts or beans, Animal feeds, field crops, fertilizers, and many other agricultural items can be securely packed in FIBC bags and transported across towns or countries. Agricultural products FIBC bags are made from ventilated fabric which allows air to circulate inside-out the FIBC. Depending on exactly what you are planning to ship, you may need to insert bag liners in some cases.
  • Construction Materials:
If you work in the building or construction industry, you frequently need to transport cement, gravel, soil, and equipment. Construction material companies usually use standard FIBC bags with a closed bottom and open top. Sand FIBC requires dust proof sewing while for stones it is not used. The transportation of construction materials such as gravel, cement, soil, and other related products is a tough task. Using the right FIBCs can ease the difficulties and eliminate the challenges associated with packaging and transportation of these materials.
  • Food Products:
Food product like pet foods, dry fruits, fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, or anything else – and FIBC bags can carry it all. Whether the products are powdered or granular, wet or dry, you can pack them in FIBCs and easily ship them in bulk.
  • Chemicals:
If you need to transport liquid or powdered chemicals in bulk, look no further than FIBC bags. FIBCs with perfect sift proof seams, and efficient liners can be used to transport powdered or granular chemicals in bulk. These durable bags not only guarantee safe transportation for your chemicals, but they will also save you considerable storage space as they are collapsible.
  • Fine Powders:
Want to ship salt, sugar, flour, cement, or sand? FIBCs with sift proof seams work well for a variety of powdered products. However, if the sift proofing isn’t enough to hold the fine powder, then, a polyethylene liner is a great solution. FIBC bags similarly to those for sugar meet high requirements on quality and food safety. Extreme dust proof sewing is used to protect from leakage and moisture.
  • Petroleum Products:
Petroleum products need to be handled with extra care because they are often flammable and have a higher risk of developing static energy. Type C and D FIBC bags can help you transport these hazardous products without risking fire-related accidents or explosions.


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