FIBC Bags for Your Products Safe Storage and Transportation

Choosing the right packing solution for shipping your products is a challenge on its own, but when you need to transport heavy, large, or bulky items, selecting the suitable packing option can become even more trying. If you want your items to reach their final destination without damage, all while keeping your staff and handlers safe, it is critical that you take time to go into the right packing solution for your large items.
While it is important to take proper packaging backstop when shipping any item, larger products require special precautions. There are a variety of issues that can make it difficult to ship large products that should be addressed when choosing your packaging:
FIBC Bags have become the most affordable and efficient customized packaging solution for products in the bulk transportation industry. Businesses across industries like, wheat flour, coffee, and other food products, that require to transport heavy material in bulks, are increasingly depends on the use of FIBC Bags as their prime choice of transportation solutions for the following reasons:

Customized Transportation Solutions:

FIBC Bags are great as innovative packaging solutions and can be customized according to your specific business needs. These bags can be made according to:

· Type (A, B, C, & D)

· Non- Food Grade or Food Grade

· Size & safe working load

· Different type of Filling and charging features

· Different type of loops

· Stitching pattern

· Multiple color options

Huge Weight to Load Ratio:

These FIBC bags are made from strong polypropylene fabric and designed to handle loads up to a ton of products. Comparatively lighter in weight than other storing options, these bags display excellent weight to load ratio. This allows companies to transport an increased amount of material within a fairly small area – a factor that has a positive impact on companies’ bottom line. FIBC Bags are the best choice if you wish to transport heavy items like agricultural products, chemicals, food, metal, etc in bulks.

Provide Extra Protection to Products:

Coated FIBC or Big Bags comes in varieties and have additional poly- liners to give enhanced durability and extra strength, making them ideal for the transportation of products. These Bag Liners provide extra strength and protect your material by keeping off moisture and oxygen and other external harmful agents like rodents and pests. This is particularly true for transportation and storage of food-grade or agricultural products like fertilizers, seeds, etc. These FIBC Bags are also identify by their anti-static features and offer safe storage and transportation for critical products.

Multiple Use:

Some woven polypropylene FIBC bags are manufactured for one-time use. These one-time use bags are rated at a 5:1 safety factor (SF) meaning that the FIBC bag did burst only after reaching five times its safety work load (SWL) in the test rig. A 1000kg FIBC bag did therefore burst on more than 5t load. A 2000kg FIBC bag bursts after 10t load in the test rig.

One-time FIBC bags cannot be “repaired”. It’s not allowed to reuse these FIBC bags.

Sometimes a multi trip FIBC bag is more economical than a single trip one. This is usually the case when all big bags are emptied at the same place and can be easily collected. Furthermore, it should not be a food FIBC bag. In this case the FIBC bags can be returned to the filling place and reused for a limited number of times. These multi trip FIBC bags are constructed stronger and achieve a safety factor (SF) of 6:1 which means that the FIBC bag did burst after more than six times its safety work load (SWL) during testing. On multi trip FIBC bags an additional multi trip label can be added to count the number of circles. multi trip FIBC cannot be used infinite times. However, there is no rule how often they should be used.

FIBC Bags are customizable to suit the needs of many businesses and are particularly used in the mining, agriculture, pharma, chemicals, food, building, and construction industries worldwide.

FIBC-Silvassa happily customizes FIBC Bags for its clients and transport their extreme products in an affordable and safe way. We provide innovative packaging solutions that will bring satisfaction to all our clients.


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